Over the past four decades, TONAIR specialized in production and marketing of air compressors and pneumatic tools/facilities. Due to the persistent increase in demand for hi-speed machinery equipment and automation production facilities in industries over the recent years, the demand for quality compressed air increases year after year. However, exhaust from factories and automobiles as well as the greenhouse effect has aggravated the atmospheric air quality, for which the worldwide manufacturers have to pay much higher cost to obtain a cleaner compressed air.

In view of the circumstances, TONAIR is committed to develope most effective compressed air automatic drain valves and separation filters aimed at improvement in the compressed air as well as the relevant components and accessories.


1975 TONSEAN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. was established for marketing and maintenance of air compressor facilities and pneumatic tools.
1983 TONSEAN established its affiliate by the name of Fourstarre Enterprise Co., Ltd., which works as general agent in Taiwan area for marketing of USA INGERSOLL-RAND air compressor.
1988 TONAIR made success in development of TONAIR AD-22 Compressed Air Automatic Drain Valve.
1991 TONAIR acquired from many countries for patent rights for TONAIR AD-22 Compressed Air Automatic Drain Valve; such as Patent No. 71955 & 74428 from Taiwan, Patent No. 5103855 & 5121767 from the States, Patent No. 639836 from Australia, Patent No. GB 2261083a from the U.K., Patent No. MY-107895-A from Malaysia, and Patent No. 78918 from PRC.
1992 TONAIR received Taiwan's Gold Medal Award at the annual inventors exposition held in Taiwan.
1993 TONAIR was awarded Silver Medal Award IENA that was held in Nuremberg, Germany.
1994 TONAIR made successful improvement of the TONAIR AD-24 & 24-24H Compressed Air Automatic Drain Valve.
1995 TONAIR earned the Golden Medal Award 1995 Product of the Year, Plant Engineering, USA.
1996 TONAIR products started sales to more than 10 countries in America, Europe and Asia.
1998 TONAIR made success in development and production of the AD-34 and AD-34M Compressed Air Automatic Drain Valve.
1999 TONAIR started sales in Japan registered using the EXCEL Brand name.
2002 TONAIR made success in development of TONAIR AF-104, AF-106 Compressed Air Separation Filter.